Whoosh! First Chapter Competiton: Results

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the Whoosh! First Chapter Competition. The standard was incredibly high and it was an honour to read such accomplished, original and exciting writing.

And the Winner is …

Congratulations to winner Kristyn Bacon. The restrained prose of her enigmatic entry, The Widow, seduced us from the first word.

Kristyn Bacon is a writer, expat, adventure traveller and athlete. She gets most of her inspiration from the cities she’s lived in and the countries she’s walked through. Her fiction and nonfiction pieces have been published in print and online. She currently lives in Berlin, Germany with her husband and dog.

Congratulations to Kristyn, who wins a full Manuscript Assessment worth £320.

And the Runners-up …

Congratulations also to our runners-up …

Wendy Adams, author of the dystopian fantasy children’s book, Pippin and Rose.

Wendy is a primary school teacher living in Tasmania Australia. She has a Scottish mother and is extremely proud of her Celtic roots. She has three children and loves running, surfing, reading and of course writing.

and …

Cherilyn Hearn, author of the beautifully written The Senator’s Daughters.

Cherilyn Hearn was born and raised in San Diego, California, but now waits and creates, raising her family in Southeast Kansas, with her husband, three children and more than a few animals. Her work and writing interests include fiction novels, non-fiction rants, research collections, children’s limerick and unusual cookbooks. Various titles can be found on Amazon, including The Quiet Republican and Aunt Snow. If she could do anything, Cherilyn would live in a flat in NYC, survive almost exclusively on Starbucks tall, skinny, soy lattes and never drive a car again. But for now, she’s on the farm.






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