Ghost Writing

UK-Based Ghost Writer Hayley Sherman

I have enjoyed working on a range of projects over the last six years, both fiction and non-fiction, working closely with authors to realise their vision and bring it to life on the page.

I approach ghost-writing assignments with the same energy and passion as my own personal writing projects, always striving for the most creative, effective and original way to tell the story and draw the reader in. I love writing, and my passion radiates with every word.

I am incredibly flexible, happy to work around the varied lives and demands of authors, remotely or in person. I welcome the unique challenges that each new project brings and commit myself fully to stepping into a new world. My sensitivity and passion for people and their stories make me easy to talk to and work with. I have even been told that the process is therapeutic.

Please email me to discuss your story.

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Pricing For International Currencies

Although Whoosh Editing can only accept English-Language texts, we have a proven track record with clients living outside of the UK. If you live outside of the UK and wish to pay for any of our services with a non-UK currency, we will gladly accept payment in most major currencies. The final total will be converted using the current exchange rates at the time of billing.

Please use our currency converter below to obtain an approximate price for your project in your native currency. Based on our pricing structure, simply enter the estimated cost of your project in British Pounds into the first box, leave the second box as it is, then select your native currency in the third box. The fourth box will automatically update with the converted price in your native currency. Please be aware that conversion rates are subject to constant fluctuation and may differ at the time of billing.

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