Synopsis Writing

It should be easy to condense your book into a few pages, but if there is a document designed to bring writers out in hives, it’s the dreaded synopsis. If you want to get published, however, a solid synopsis is essential, which is why synopsis writing is one of our most popular services.


We will break your novel down to its key events, themes, plot twists and characters, and reconstruct it into a mini novel to stun prospective agents and publishers, highlighting your unique style and writing ability. 


We will condense the content of every chapter to provide a summary of the entire book. The end result is an overview of how your book will appear in print.

Ultimately, we want you to get published and a good synopsis will take you one step closer to success.


The fee for this service covers the writing of one long and one short synopsis to meet the varying demands of agents and publishers.

We charge £4.35 per 1,000 words for the first 80,000 words of your book and then we stop charging. So whether your book is 80,000 or 110,000 words, you would still pay only £350.00.*

The minimum fee for this service is £100.00

Submission Package Critique

If you plan to write the synopsis yourself, the submission package critiquing service will give you a good idea of how your cover letter, synopsis and three sample chapters will be received by agents or publishers.

Price: £150.00

take advantage of the 30% Discount for Combining Services

It is not uncommon for authors to require more than one service at the same time. It may be that a proofread and manuscript assessment are needed, or that you require the writing of a synopsis along with a copy-edit. A 30% discount is always offered for combining services (30% off the lowest priced service) so that you get more Whoosh for your money.

All fees are payable before completion of the work by PayPal, Cheque or Bank Transfer. 

*Please email for quotations on books longer than 110,000 words


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Pricing For International Currencies

Although Whoosh Editing can only accept English-Language texts, we have a proven track record with clients living outside of the UK. If you live outside of the UK and wish to pay for any of our services with a non-UK currency, we will gladly accept payment in most major currencies. The final total will be converted using the current exchange rates at the time of billing.

Please use our currency converter below to obtain an approximate price for your project in your native currency. Based on our pricing structure, simply enter the estimated cost of your project in British Pounds into the first box, leave the second box as it is, then select your native currency in the third box. The fourth box will automatically update with the converted price in your native currency. Please be aware that conversion rates are subject to constant fluctuation and may differ at the time of billing.

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